Sundown on the Tarmac

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Aviation statics are and art form in and of themselves. It is one that I am still trying to perfect each time I am out there with any aircraft. Such was the case with this particular military aircraft. This FA/18 is part of the Naval Adversary Unit painted to resemble a Russian SU-57 Felon. This unit is one of four specialist adversary units within the Navy with the task of replicating enemy fighters and their tactics.

Rare aircraft paint schemes are one of the things that draw me to take the statics in the first place and it does not get more rare than a Russian paint scheme. This particular shot was in the evening after a thunderstorm had rumbled through leaving the opportunity for a nice reflection. There were people mulling around the jet but long exposures cleaned that right up. Always looking to better my statics it a fun work in progress when doing the sundown on the tarmac.

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