When is social media too much

In Standard by Patrick

This is a question the I have been grappling with for some time now.  For photographers, social media can be a crucial marketing tool as well as a potential vital stream of income.  Recently I asked myself, at which point is social media to much?  It is very labor intensive to have vital content, content that your followers or viewing audience feels is helpful and has a connection to.  Even if you try to automate everything, and some social media sites have algorithms that make it difficult for programs like IFTT or Zapier to help with this.  Recently I joined yet another social media site.  I like the way that it presented my photographs and the options it provided.  Then I had a very reputable professional photographer stumble across a video citing why he would not use this particular service.  The creator, another full time working professional photographer raised some valid points about this particular social media app.  

It got me thinking. Rather than posting to multiple social media sites, take a critical looks at the ROI in each of these media sites and focus on just those where our content is viewed, shared, and has interaction.  Turns out that only a few of the sites I was utilizing were worth my time.  Others, although well intentioned, did not meet the aforementioned criteria.   Many of the ones that I opted out of did not have a crucial following from very well known photographers, creatives and companies I followed or just never gained a foothold (case in point Google+).  This raised an eyebrow for sure.  Our goal and objective is to get our work in front of potential customers because that directly translates into revenue and interact with like minded creatives.  There are  those that regardless of the platform, feel as if they are missing something and have to be on that given social media site.  That’s fine!  This is just my humble opinion and after careful reflection, is where I am opting to divert my energy.  If you are finding the social media burden is getting to be very time consuming and a bit too much, it may be time to re-evaluate.   

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