Loving Fall

In Landscapes by Patrick

There is nothing I like better than fall and walking in the woods. I look forward to this season each and every year. The crispness in the air, the colors and all the critters running about to store food for the impending winter just gets me excited. As a photographer, this bring many opportunities. This year, there conditions were not exactly perfect for all the fall colors given we had a very dry summer and early fall with little rainfall.

The trees framed this lake and gave me a window to draw the eye to the center which was the intent. Slight tinges of color on the leaves and in the distant conveyed a hint of fall. When I don’t have a lot of color to work with, these are the things that my mind goes to. In addition to that, one of my favorite shots to try and create are the keyhole shots in the canopy.

I have many of these in my files, but there is still not one that I feel is the perfect shot for this. It keeps me looking and striving to get the shot I envision. Such a magical time to be outdoors in the forest. I love fall!

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