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When is social media too much

In Standard by Patrick

This is a question the I have been grappling with for some time now.  For photographers, social media can be a crucial marketing tool as well as a potential vital stream of income.  Recently I asked myself, at which point is social media to much?  It is very labor intensive to have vital content, content that your followers or viewing …

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Patience is the key

In Wildlife by Patrick

One thing that is a necessity in wildlife and birding photography is patience. It can be frustrating at times when you hear or see birds that you want to photograph in the distance and they don’t come in to your feeders or watering stations. Such is the case with this Northern Flicker. I have seen his tell tale what rump …

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A Kiss of light

In Tips and Tricks by Patrick

That makes all the difference. In the pictures below, the left frame is with no flash. The light was very flat on this day and without flash the subject looks flat with dark shadows, and does not separate from the background very well. The picture on the right is with flash added. Notice how the subject has definition with the …

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Sundown on the Tarmac

In Uncategorized by Patrick

Aviation statics are and art form in and of themselves. It is one that I am still trying to perfect each time I am out there with any aircraft. Such was the case with this particular military aircraft. This FA/18 is part of the Naval Adversary Unit painted to resemble a Russian SU-57 Felon. This unit is one of four …

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Hungry Woodpecker

In Wildlife by Patrick

Always entertaining, woodpeckers love to dominate feeders and this guy was no different. He chased away the goldfinches to get to the seeds. Kind of fun watching him throw away the ones he did not like.

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Is Vero the new Instagram

In General Stuff by Patrick

So I am a bit late to the party with this one.  Vero has been around since 2015 and is a response to changes in social media that has been going more commercial arguably ruining the experience for a great many.  Many apps have tried to unseat Instagram (remember Google Plus) and have faded into oblivion.   Vero is different as …

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Melvin’s Cameo – The video

In Video by Patrick

These guys are only around for about 5 months here is the Midwest, so I try to spend as much time as I can with them. They are particularly challenging to video so I was over the moon when I got Melvin to make a cameo.

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BTS – Melvin the hummingbird

In Behind the scenes by Patrick

With my recent postings of Melvin the ruby throated hummingbird, I have been getting a lot of email about how I got the shot. I thought this my be post worthy as well as a podcast, to answer as many questions as I can and help others with this fun pursuit. Capturing these flying jewels is really a lot of …

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Xcencelabs versus Wacom Tablet

In Gear Review by Patrick

One of the tools that is a staple of anyone who does retouching or processing of images is a graphics tablet. The level of precision that you get with a pen and tablet cannot be duplicated with a mouse to the same degree. There are those who prefer a mouse versus a tablet, but in my humble opinion, the tablet …

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The Feared Focke-Wulf 109

In Aviation by Patrick

The airshow was well underway and one of the more anticipated aircraft flying was the Focke-Wulf 109. One of the few flying today of the existing 23 or so that also exist in museums and private collections. As the show progressed the FW-190 began to taxi down runway 5 going through the preflight checks. It conjoured up thoughts of what …