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Waiting for the main event

In Automotive by Patrick

In a previous post I talked about the Verizon Indy Car series coming to Detroit. In addition to the main event, there were other races going on leading up to the Indy Cars. One of those was the IMSA Weathertec sports car series. Amouthful for sure, but equally great racing. This is unique in that prototype cars often run and …

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Nikon Lens wipes

In Gear Review by Patrick

Depending on the photography you do, finding something to keep the gear clean can be an ongoing search. I like to shoot automotive events in the summer and this can leave the gear quite messy at times. Finding something that works on the spot with efectivness has been years in the making. I was steered toward these by a recent …

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Verizon Indy Car Series

In General Stuff by Patrick

One of my fondest memories with my Dad is watching the Indianapolis 500 each Memorial Day. This sparked an overall passion for racing and to this day watching the event with my Dad is still a big deal. As a result of this love of racing, each time I have a chance to go to any race, I try to …

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“I am the greatest”

In Standard by Patrick

Muhammad Ali was certainly larger than life during his reign as boxing’s heavyweight champion. Ali passed away on June 4th and the world lost a spokesman for peace, racial equality and an iconic figure of the twenty first century. Being of the younger persuasion, I was not even born yet when he captured the title in 1964 for the first …

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Airshow Tips

In Aviation by Patrick

With summer arriving in most of the country, one can never tell with Mother Nature sometimes, that means airshow season is in full swing. I wanted to give some tips on going to airshows. Hopefully you will find these helpful and get a chance to see many more airshows. Here we go: Equipment Although your equipment does play a vital …

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Camera Profiles make a difference

In Tips and Tricks by Patrick

Making a good picture starts at the point of capture and in camera. One of the things that you can do whether you own a Canon or a Nikon is get familiar with your camera profiles. Both have them and you can set these prior to taking going click. Once that is done, and you are in our post processing, …

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Black and Whites

In Architecture by Patrick

So I question that I get asked a lot is how do I know when to do a black and white. Valid question and one that I think has a pretty simple answer. You need to have 2 things to do a good black and white. A clean black and a clean white. You might be asking, wow, that sounds …

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BTS Tour – Polk Penguinarium

In Video by Patrick

Membership has it advantages. I think I stole that, but I am going to use it anyway. The Detroit Zoo is opening a brand new facility to house their penguin population and we were invited to the grand opening ahead of the public. This facility is really impressive and to be allowed in before the public was quite a treat. …

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Silky Smooth Water

In Landscapes by Patrick

I have shared on my blog previously about combining images in camera to achieve a smooth silky water effect, and it can be done without adding and ND filter. I absolutely love that technique, but admittedly have not had a chance to use it very often. Well I resurrected this technique on a recent short trip where there were waterfalls. …