Since my early days, I have always shot Nikon going back to my first body, the Nikon F100. This is the gear that I depend on to get the job done when needed. Whether shooting wildlife, aviation or simply enjoying the beauty of our planet in landscapes, I rely on my gear to go where I go without fail to help me tell the story and share through pictures.

Current Gear Locker:  Updated 2.12.2022 

This is my core gear. The gear that goes with me on shoots or projects depends on the story that I am trying to tell and what the clients needs may be. Not all the gear goes on a given project, only what is needed and what I feel will make my life easier as a photographer. This page is posted for the sole purpose of showing what I require for my style of photography. Yours may be different, but that is OK as this is just what works for me. This is not an all inclusive list and will be updated periodically as needed gear is added.

Past Gear in the locker